[geotk] WPS client example

Emmanuel Blondel emmanuel.blondel1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 05:42:08 PST 2014


I'm trying to use the geotk-client-wps module.

I'm instantiating a WebProcessingServer with a 52 North WPS, using the 
constructor WebProcessingServer(url, versionString).Strangely, i get a 
exception (HTTP 403). In parallel, i've tried to use the 52 North client 
library and this works. This let me think that there is no particular 
restriction server side, and i'm trying to understand what's wrong with 
my code. By chance, can anyone have some sample code how to configure 
the WPS client properly?

Many thanks in advance

Kind regards

PS: I want to use the Geotoolkit WPS client, because 52North WPS is 
based on Geotools (and so, it's not based on geoapi, but gt-opengis 
Geotools module...).

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