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Author: hamish
Date: 2008-01-21 18:25:27 -0500 (Mon, 21 Jan 2008)
New Revision: 29791

explain -b flag a little more

Modified: grass/trunk/raster/r.circle/description.html
--- grass/trunk/raster/r.circle/description.html	2008-01-21 19:26:37 UTC (rev 29790)
+++ grass/trunk/raster/r.circle/description.html	2008-01-21 23:25:27 UTC (rev 29791)
@@ -9,11 +9,13 @@
 The <EM>mult</EM>parameter can be used to multiply the output raster cells by a common factor.
 Note that this parameter does not affect the output raster position or size; only the z-values
 are changed with this parameter. 
-Binary output raster values can be created with the <B>-b</B> flag. Raster maps so created
-can be used to create binary filters for use in <EM>i.ifft</EM> (inverse Fourier transformations;
+Binary-output raster maps (solid circles of one value) can be created
+with the <B>-b</B> flag. Raster maps so created can be used to create
+binary filters for use in <EM>i.ifft</EM> (inverse Fourier transformations;
 apply filter with <EM>r.mask</EM>).
 Generate a raster circle at current map center with a radius of 300m and outwardly
@@ -34,16 +36,21 @@
 r.circle -b output=circle coordinate=${EASTCENTER},${NORTHCENTER} min=500 max=1000
 <H2>SEE ALSO</H2>
-<EM><A HREF="g.region.html">g.region</A></EM>,
-<EM><A HREF="g.remove.html">g.remove</A></EM>, 
-<EM><A HREF="g.rename.html">g.rename</A></EM>, 
-<EM><A HREF="i.fft.html">i.fft</A></EM>, 
-<EM><A HREF="i.ifft.html">i.ifft</A></EM>,
-<EM><A HREF="r.mask">r.mask</A></EM>
+<A HREF="g.region.html">g.region</A>,
+<A HREF="g.remove.html">g.remove</A>, 
+<A HREF="g.rename.html">g.rename</A>, 
+<A HREF="i.fft.html">i.fft</A>, 
+<A HREF="i.ifft.html">i.ifft</A>,
+<A HREF="r.mask">r.mask</A>
 Bill Brown, U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory<br>
 Additional flag/min/max parameter by Markus Neteler, University of Hannover
-<p><i>Last changed: $Date$</i>
+<i>Last changed: $Date$</i>

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