[GRASS-SVN] r29790 - grass/trunk/raster/r.circle

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Mon Jan 21 14:26:38 EST 2008

Author: epatton
Date: 2008-01-21 14:26:37 -0500 (Mon, 21 Jan 2008)
New Revision: 29790

Added description of 'mult' parameter

Modified: grass/trunk/raster/r.circle/description.html
--- grass/trunk/raster/r.circle/description.html	2008-01-21 18:29:06 UTC (rev 29789)
+++ grass/trunk/raster/r.circle/description.html	2008-01-21 19:26:37 UTC (rev 29790)
@@ -6,6 +6,9 @@
 and <EM>max</EM> parameters control the inner and outer output raster map radii, respectively. 
+The <EM>mult</EM>parameter can be used to multiply the output raster cells by a common factor.
+Note that this parameter does not affect the output raster position or size; only the z-values
+are changed with this parameter. 
 Binary output raster values can be created with the <B>-b</B> flag. Raster maps so created
 can be used to create binary filters for use in <EM>i.ifft</EM> (inverse Fourier transformations;

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