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-<!-- todo
- * Hamish's MfE reports / published confernce proceedings?
- * Ben D's journal article (Deutsch)
+The method was first described in Wing et. al 2004, with further
+comments and examples in report 3 of that series, 2005. Ducke and
+Rassmann 2010 (in German) describe a novel use of the approach to
+study prehistoric movement corridors of early Bronze Age technology
+through Europe.
+Wing, S.R., M.H.E. Bowman, F. Smith and S.M. Rutger (2004), <i>Analysis
+of biodiversity patterns and management decision making processes to
+support stewardship of marine resources and biodiversity in Fiordland
+- a case study</i>, report 2 of 3, Technical report, Report to the Ministry for
+the Environment, New Zealand.
+Ducke, B. and K. Rassmann (2010),
+<i>Modelling and Interpretation of the Communication
+Spaces of the 3rd and Early 2nd Millennium BC in Europe
+Using Diversity Gradients</i> &nbsp;
+(<i>Modellierung und Interpretation der Kommunikationsräume
+des 3. und frühen 2. Jahrtausends v. Chr.</i>),
+in Europa mittels Diversitätsgradienten;
+Archäologischer Anzeiger 2010/1, pp.239-261
 <h2>SEE ALSO</h2>

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