GRASS-DBMS linkages

kp5 at kp5 at
Wed Dec 18 16:55:12 EST 1991

>Is there a more-or-less complete description of GRASS-DBMS linkages
>(current, planned and in-development) anywhere that developers can
>use to plan DBMS development... 
> Donald R. Newcomb                      

I would certainly like to know if there is.  I'm trying to put together a
study on that right now (see follow-up message/request), and would be
interested in anything you or anyone else could contribute.  I'm doing the
study for CERL, but I imagine it should be releasable by them sometime in
the not-so-distant future (say, after March or April 92).  In the meantime,
I'd certainly be willing to share points of contact...

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