X11 monitor characteristics

Simon Cox simon at cerberus.earth.monash.edu.au
Thu Aug 6 18:08:45 EDT 1992

We are running grass4.0 on Sparcstations under openwindows using the XDRIVER.

Why do all the graphics windows opened by d.mon have the same name "GRASS 4.0"?
This appears to be set through  ---#define WIN_NAME "GRASS 4.0"--- in a 
couple of the XDRIVER programs.  One problem is that this makes identifying 
windows when swapping between them fairly tedious.  However, I have a more 
serious need which I wonder if anyone can suggest a fix for.   

I am writing some graphics applications mostly using scripts and d.graph.
This program uses x & y coordinates scaled to the window size, so if you 
use it naively you end up drawing elliptical circles, etc.  

In order to get over this I thought I could use 
d.mon -p
to find out the current monitor, and then 
xwininfo -name window_name
to find the dimensions of this monitor.  However, while the "name" reported by 
d.mon is one of (x0, x1, ... x5), the "name" appearing in the bar on the 
window, and the one understood by xwininfo, is always "GRASS 4.0".  How can 
the grass name (x0, ... x5) be associated with the window of interest ???

Thanks for your attention.

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