Michael Shapiro shapiro at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Thu Aug 13 10:44:26 EDT 1992

What is needed is a v.what (to match r.what). r.what  is  a  non-
interactive  query  on  raster files. It accepts coordinate pairs
(ie points) from a file (or stdin) and prints the category values
and   labels at the specified locations for raster maps.  Someone
should write v.what do mimic the action of r.what, but for vector
files.   The   interace  could  be  "cloned"  from r.what and the
query/reporting "cloned" from d.what.vect. Anyone  up   to   this
programming  task?  As contributed code it would  be  of  obvious

|I am using the g.region command non-interactively to create new
|regions,  I g.region region=new-region to set the new window.
|This is working GREAT!  I would also like to generate a report
|of what is in that window, ie. category, area, sites, etc.
|The data I am working with is digitized Natural Resource Inventory 
|vector data of an area with a possible 3 sites in each area,
|and I have no need to generated a raster file of this dataset.
|I have used the interactive command of v.what.vect and that gives
|me all the information that I need on the screen,  I would like
|	goto the area label point (I can get the UTM from the 
|				   dig_att file),
|	find out what the GRASS category code is for the area,
|	calculate the area in acres, and	
|        print this information to a file.
|Has anyone any ideas of a non-interactive command resulting in
|the same information of v.what.vect?  Any suggestions on how to
|write the shell to accomplish this task?
|I am generating a table that I will pull information from to
|generate the necessary support files to generate a postscript
|output from mapgen.
|Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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