Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Thu Aug 13 10:55:03 EDT 1992

> I have used the interactive command of v.what.vect and that gives
> me all the information that I need on the screen,  I would like
> to:
      (do it non-interactively).

 After reading your message, I have made a few modifications to 
d.what.vect and renamed it to v.what (just got Michael's message).  
It's not polished up yet, but for now I'll make it available to you 
via anonymous ftp:

> Has anyone any ideas of a non-interactive command resulting in
> the same information of v.what.vect?  Any suggestions on how to
> write the shell to accomplish this task?

It works like this:
   cat file_of_coordinates | v.what map=vector_map

I haven't cleaned it up (so don't everyone install this
v.what on your system), but it should meet your current
needs.  I'll submit it to moon shortly.


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