Conn Copas C.V.Copas at lut.ac.uk
Fri Aug 14 12:06:59 EDT 1992

More queries of the network variety, I am afraid.

GRASS and its data lives on a HP-9000, and we are using Sparcs as display
systems. For a variety of reasons, we would like to place xgrass on a Sparc
for examination purposes, and then call the application through a remote shell.
I have pulled the Sparc binaries, but the installation script which builds
config.sh, and which validates the paths for GRASS and its data, cannot check 
directories on a remote machine. Questions :

1. To achieve the above, do we need to alter the source of xgrass, or can we
get away with altering the installation script?

2. Presuming the latter, will any other changes be required to config.sh
other than path names? At the moment, we cannot even generate a config.sh in
order to look at it.

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