grass and ANSI-C

Fri Aug 14 11:42:55 EDT 1992

Without knowing the tradeoffs involved in spending precious resources,
it's hard to discuss this. That said, I vote for releasing the next
version for ANSI-C, and I suggest using gcc for this purpose. I'm using
a DG AViiON, no vendor support, and doing all system admin and updates
by myself, and I'm a recreation planner, not a programmer. From my
point of view gcc and ANSI would provide a lot of help with program 
maintenance and additions.
Also, I've been using parts of the code to do things like downloading
GPS waypoints to AutoCAD script files (ll2u in this case). Having
prototypes would save me doing it myself.
I imagine there are lots of people out there who are using GRASS on a
shoestring with no choice as to hardware -- we have to make do with
what we have or can borrow. Anything that standardizes GRASS further
would be nice.  
Lon Kelly
Bureau of Land Management
Fairbanks, AK

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