Marjorie Larson larson at
Fri Aug 14 18:48:06 EDT 1992

                      FOR YOUR INFORMATION

The following is a tentative release schedule.  Please be advised
of  the  deadlines, and pass the information on to anyone else in
your agency or organization who might need to know about it.   We
would  like  to try and stick to these dates as closely as possi-
ble, but that is contingent upon several things:

-everyone's cooperation and help in meeting deadlines, testing and
providing  bug  reports,  and  compilation on a specific hardware
platform when necessary

-contributors' help in providing new documentation, or other items
which need to accompany the distribution of the release

-contributors' willingness and availability to provide  bug fixes
or   documentation   enhancements   deemed  necessary  after  the
testing/review process

We at OGI have been working very hard to hire and train some  ad-
ditional  staff in anticipation of the work load involved in this
task.  It is our hope that we can  pull  this  off  and  stay  on
schedule, but since it is the first time that our office has per-
formed this duty, and since many of our employees are somewhat or
completely new to GRASS, we ask for your patience and understand-
ing as we learn.

                 RELEASE SCHEDULE FOR GRASS 4.1

Software Contributions Due         September 4th

Integration & Alpha Testing        September  4th  - October 26th

Beta    Testing                    October 26th  -  November 30th

Bug   Fixing                        November 30th - February 15th

Final compiling, completion of CD?  February  15th- February 30th

Initial distribution by the beginning of March

Anyone wanting to contribute software to this version  must  have
it  to  OGI  by  September 4th, along with an accompanying signed
release form (see info below).   We  prefer  that  you  put  your
software  in tar format, and, if mailed, sent to us on 1/4" tape.
If software contributions are made via the Internet, email  about
its  contribution  should  be  sent  to  both  Marji  and Michael
(larson at  and   shapiro at
and the release form can be faxed or mailed to:

Attn: Marji Larson, EL-EGI
PO Box 9005
Champaign, IL  61826-9005
FAX: 217-373-7222

We have added a release form which MUST  accompany  all  software
contributions  to  GRASS 4.1.  This is a legal form, stating that
you intend  to  contribute  this  module/program  to  the  public
domain,  and  that  you  understand the implications of what this
means.  For now, you may get a hard copy mailed or faxed to you 
by contacting the GRASS Information Center (217-373-7220,  or
1-800-USA-CERL,  ext.  220 from outside IL and 1-800-252-7122, ext. 
220 from inside IL).  We hope to get an on-line copy of this from
the lawyer to put onto the ftp site soon.

You may also be interested in an accompanying document that gives
some  information  on categories of GRASS source code.  It can be
found on the ftp site under the directory: grass4.1/ReleaseInfo.

-Marji Larson

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