v.what update

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Sat Aug 15 23:53:35 EDT 1992

Michael pointed out a problem with my cpio file. Turns out there is a
home-brewed cpio here that is before /bin/cpio in the default path
(who would have thought? Thanks for Chris Rewerts for pointing this
out).  Anyhow, a new compressed (/bin/)cpio file is on moon.  I
apologize if anyone had problems retrieving the first version, and if
this version still doesn't work, just let me know.  The new version is
also on pasture.ecn.purdue.edu:/pub/mccauley/grass/v.what.shar.Z

In this second version, I have removed all mouse support to make it
consistent (in this regard) to r.what. Thus, it is no longer a
replacement for d.what.vect.  This was done with ifdef's, so it is
easy to switch it back.  While it's good to maintain consistency, I
was trying to keep repetitive code and the number of grass commands to
a minimum.

If someone has more time to spend on this than myself, I would
recommend that 
 1. v.what be modified to include support for multiple vector files AND 
    for the mouse (the latter is just ifdef'ed out right now),
 2. mouse support be added for r.what
 3. d.what.vect and r.what.vect be removed.
Of course, these are just my opinions.  This would be a good way
for an aspiring programmer to get his/her feet wet [hint, hint],
because the program design and most coding is already done.  

Then again, this may go against keeping display commands prefixed
d-dot, so maybe it's not such a good idea... anyone have any thoughts
on this?


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