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Srin srin at
Tue Aug 18 09:11:00 EDT 1992

I have a program that will do what you needed to delineate a watershed
from one point or pixel. In order to use this your dem should be very good.
If you have any pits or depressions you will not get a good watershed map.
So, I would suggest to use the tool after you run the dem through a good
smoothing or filtering tool.

Since the program I have is not fully documented, I am not ready to send
it to moon incoming. So if you need I can send it or you can ftp it from site as an anonymous user. 

Give me a day to move this stuff.

srin at
Blackland Research Center
Temple, TX 76502

>Brian Connelly
>College of Forest Resources
>University of Washington  AR-10
>Seattle, Washington  98195
>bac at
>	I am using GRASS 4.0 to delineate watersheds from a digital elevation
>model for input to a hydrologic model.  The r.watershed command 
>delineates watersheds according to a user-specified minimum area for exterior
>watersheds.  I would like to specify only a location or pixel and have the
>program delineate the watershed which drains into that pixel.  I haven't been
>able to do this with the r.watershed command and cannot figure out how to do it
>with any of the other commands.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as
>to how I might accomplish this.

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