s.db.rim etc - is anyone there?

Simon Cox simon at cerberus.earth.monash.edu.au
Thu Dec 17 17:45:08 EST 1992

I posted this a week ago, and have been surprised at the silence on
the net since!  I wonder, was there a transmission problem?  Did anyone
see this?  Does no-one actually use GRASS + RIM on a SUN?  If the latter,
then what database arrangement do you use?  Is it that everyone manages
with site-lists ???  I am more than a little concerned ...

"Dear Grasshoppers

I am back onto the RIM problem again.  After trying all the suggestions that
came along in October, reinstalling RIM and s.db.rim, I am still flummoxed.
After apparently successfully "making" a database, using a template file,
.tables shows that it didn't really work:  "no columns" shown in any of the
tables.  By the way, I have tried running RIM outside of GRASS, and stumbled
through some of the exercises from the RIM Users Manual without any problems,
so RIM appears to be working by itself.

So here are the details:  we are running Grass4.0 on SUNs.  Our RIM
version is "4.0 Summer 1991".  Can someone please answer the following

1.      Does s.db.rim call RIM itself, or just the rim libraries?
2.      Is the version of Fortran compiler critical?
3.      Can anyone put their hand on their heart and say that RIM and
s.db.rim is working flawlessly on their SUN Sparcstation?
4.      If the answer to 3. is "Yes", then can you, kind person, please
send a copy of the files for your database ( *.rimdb[123] ) to me for
testing, along with enough of the other information about the location
and site lists so that I can stand a chance of getting on top of this

Thank you for your attention.

Simon Cox"

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