s.db.rim etc - is anyone there?

W. Fredrick Limp fred at kirk.uark.edu
Thu Dec 17 06:41:06 EST 1992


  i appreciate your concern about silence on grassu .. it's unlikely, one of 
the great things about this group is its friendly responsiveness.  Its beginning
to be holiday in the US and the academic folks are in finals or off so the read-
ership is down.  Everyone will come back to 253 messages!!  I can't help w/
RIM but to the second question... we use Informix and the db tools developed
by Jim Farley.  They work very well.  The tools will be a part of the 4.1 
release.  I'm not sure if they're on the moon currently.  Hope this helps.
Pls contact me directly if you want more info.> 
> I posted this a week ago, and have been surprised at the silence on
> the net since!  I wonder, was there a transmission problem?  Did anyone
> see this?  Does no-one actually use GRASS + RIM on a SUN?  If the latter,
> then what database arrangement do you use?  Is it that everyone manages
> with site-lists ???  I am more than a little concerned ...
> Simon Cox"

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