v.in.dxf in GRASS4.0

Chaitanya S. Rajguru rajguruc at vttcf.cc.vt.edu
Sat Feb 1 11:41:24 EST 1992


I have been using the v.in.dxf command to import AUTOCAD DXF files
into the vector format. The points in the DXF file are translated
into the vector file as a set of two points - I am not sure why,
and the manual is not too clear on that. 

Also, the points are put into the vector file in the sample format -

P 2
	100 	120
	180	120

I could not find a reference to this format in the Programmer's
manual (4.0 changes / 3.0). Can the information not be stored as
site data? 

As an aside, the arc import routine does work , though the circle
one does not. (The manual does not promise to translate either of

Any comments would be a great help.


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