v.in.dxf in GRASS4.0

Dave Gerdes dpgerdes at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Sat Feb 1 19:32:38 EST 1992

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> Subject: v.in.dxf in GRASS4.0
> Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1992 16:41:24 +0000
> From: Chaitanya S. Rajguru <rajguruc at vttcf.cc.vt.edu>
>  ... 
> I have been using the v.in.dxf command to import AUTOCAD DXF files
> into the vector format. The points in the DXF file are translated
> into the vector file as a set of two points - I am not sure why,
> and the manual is not too clear on that. 
> Also, the points are put into the vector file in the sample format -
> P 2
> 	100 	120
> 	180	120
>  ... 
> Thanks.
> -Raj
That is our point format in the dig_ascii files. (I assume that you meant the
100/180 to be the same number...)  Points/sites were an add-on to the original
dig_ascii files, and to keep things easy were implemented as very short lines.

GRASS treats those as site data for all intents and purposes.   Is there some
functionality that is giving you trouble?


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