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Petteri Soikkonen Petteri.Soikkonen at
Fri Feb 21 14:49:51 EST 1992

>>>>> On Thu, 20 Feb 92 17:23:41 PST, maschner%alishaw at (Herb Maschner) said:
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Herb> I am ordering about 200 mb of 1:50000 raster data from Germany.  It
Herb> comes in Scitex (sp?) format.  Can anyone help a GRASS novice
Herb> like myself with the means to import this stuff? Thanks.

If you get any information of this topic, could you mail that for me,

I know that Intergraph has programs that can convert Scitex internal
format to Intergraph rle format. They also have program for
converting Scitex handshake format to Intergraph's format, but it
doesn't  work yet. I don't use GRASS, even we have it here, so I can't
help you much more.

Herb> Herb Maschner
Herb> Department of Anthropology


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