Updates to GRASS4.0 available

Rob Knauerhase rob at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Tue Feb 25 18:18:43 EST 1992

A second set of updates has been added to the OGI FTP server
(moon.cecer.army.mil) in the directory /grass4.0.updates/ -- as before, each
file has a .message saying which files it replaces.  Some have a README
attached as well.

None of the updates is mission-critical, but feel free to see what's there
and see if it fixes a problem you've been having.  Soon, we will be
officially labelling enhancements and bugs, and indexing fix-files by these

Additionally, I have made the fixes available from the list server.  To use
this method, send a message to grassu-request at amber.cecer.army.mil
(or grassp-request) with "dir updates" in the subject line.  Then you can
send a message to the same address with "get updates/<filename>", replacing
<filename> with a name from the "dir" list.

*NOTE* that FTP is better, stronger, faster, easier, friendlier, kindler,
gentler, and nicer to use for obtaining updates -- "moon" is the canonical
location of OGI sources.  There is nothing on the list that is not available
from FTP; in fact, since some enhancements are too large to mail, all
enhancements are not guaranteed to be available through the list.  However,
if you do not have access to FTP, you can now obtain GRASS upgrades in this

The updates that are available as of 2/25/92 are:
moon:~ftp/grass4.0.updates 13%> ls
CELL/             libes/            r.cost/           rim/
README            m.dem.extract/    r.digit/          tiger.info/
XDRIVER/          mapdev/           r.in.poly/        v.digit/
d.legend/         misc/             r.out.tga/        v.in.tiger/
g.manual/         paint.xerox4020/  r.surf.sor/       v.to.rast/

Rob Knauerhase
Rob Knauerhase [rob at amber.cecer.army.mil] Office of Grass Integration,
Construction Engineering Research Labs, US Army Corps of Engineers (USA-CERL)
[knauer at cs.uiuc.edu, UIUC Dept. of Computer Science, Gigabit Study Group]

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