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Fri Feb 28 16:33:17 EST 1992

> Hi.
> I need to represent multiple attributes in GRASS raster files.
> For example, surface roughness, dielectric constant, veg. cover, etc.
> I can think of two ways to do this:
> 	1. create multiple raster maps for the terrain, one for
> 	   each attribute. The attribute in each file stores the value
> 	   for the original attribute.
> 	2. have the single attribute in the raster file store the
> 	   values of all the attributes after encoding them, e.g.
> 	   the first digit in the attributes represents roughness,
> 	   the second, veg. cover, and so on.
> I can understand that the second method is extremely dirty in terms
> of simplicity, expandability, etc. But I would like to know if anyone
> has tried it. ANY other comments are welcome.
> -Raj

We are currently working on a GRASS-RDBMS interface which will enable
multiple attributes to be associated with either raster/vector or
polygonal features. The current version of the interface is designed 
to be used with INFORMIX RDBMS products. However, the software 
design has been developed with an ey towards easy implementation
with any ANSI SQL product. The beta release for this code will be 
decided during the users group meeting in Denver. I expect that
a date in June or July is realistic for Beta code.



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