Rlogin to Grass?

SMITC at ches.cs.vims.edu SMITC at ches.cs.vims.edu
Tue Jan 28 09:07:29 EST 1992

Hi all you grass-folk.  I am starting to learn Grass4.0, but due to
physical and financial restrictions,  I do not have direct access to
the Sun SS2 or its display terminals, so I use telnet rlogin over our
campus network.  This works nicely, but the telnet (Clarkson CUTE)
emulates VT102 and Tek 4014 (mono).  This (as best I understand)
eliminates any utilization of the X-windows drivers, and any supported
graphics drivers.  As such, it allows me to do operations, but I
can't view displays.

My questions are directed to those who have similar setups, or who
might be likely to encounter needs for similar user needs as
such in the future.  I would dearly love to have the SS2 on my desk, but
it's not likely.  Does there exist programming to capture grass graphics
displays in memory and convert them to a PC-VGA displayable format
(.GIF, Postscript, HPGL, or ...)?  These might then be ported to PC and
displayed (albeit in inferior quality).

Or, does anyone know of telnet with Tek 4105 or other grass-compatible
graphics display (I am pretty sure not, but I'll ask anyway).

Yes, I am aware of GIS packages for PCs, but thats not really the issue
- I want/need the power of the SS2.

Thanks for any useful ideas - I'm willing to do programming here if
anybody sees a feasible way out that doesn't cost $$$ I don't have.

Craig L. Smith : (804) 642-7246 : Internet : smitc at ches.cs.vims.edu
Div. of Chemistry and Toxicology: au201 at Cleveland.FreeNet.Edu
Virginia Institute of Marine Science / College of William and Mary
Gloucester Point, VA 23062

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