Rlogin to Grass?

Dave Gerdes dpgerdes at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Tue Jan 28 13:38:07 EST 1992

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> Subject: Rlogin to Grass?
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> Hi all you grass-folk.  I am starting to learn Grass4.0, but due to
> physical and financial restrictions,  I do not have direct access to
> the Sun SS2 or its display terminals, so I use telnet rlogin over our
> campus network.  This works nicely, but the telnet (Clarkson CUTE)
> emulates VT102 and Tek 4014 (mono).  This (as best I understand)
> eliminates any utilization of the X-windows drivers, and any supported
> graphics drivers.  As such, it allows me to do operations, but I
> can't view displays.
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There are several people interacting with GRASS from a PC using any of the
X-Window server programs that are available.  I have used a program called
eXceed Plus  or something like that that works great.  I had a list of
vendors around here, and if I find it I will post it.  The critera
are the obvious ones:  needs a mouse, ethernet drivers and hardware, 
and a high res 256 color super VGA display.  preferably 800x600x256
or 1024x768x256 or better.  Picking a fast card helps a lot too.


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