converting from Grass 3 to 4.0

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Tue Jan 28 11:58:42 EST 1992

Thanks you for your response: 

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|	Derase(D_translate_color("black"));
|	sprintf(name,"",border[found].name);
|	setmap = G_find_cell(name,"");

This code look ok, so the problem must be happening somewhere else 
(unless G_find_cell() is the culprit). Can you include more of the
code. Also "border" is a suspicious variable name. I recall having
to modify some of the imagery programs to not use this name since it 
conflicted with some system include files which also used "border".
(I don't recall the specific details).


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The issue of the variable 'border' is that new to 4.0? Because this code worked in 3.

	If the culprit is G_find_cell(), I will check this afternoon, what is different about it. I am programming on the same machine, same location and mapset same user and group.... what else could be different... I have gone back and run the 3 version after the 4 has died? It seems odd. Can any of us take a look at the 4.0 programmers manual before it is released?

					We're all inb this together,

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