Bill Hargrove hnw at mtqgrass.ESD.ORNL.GOV
Fri Jan 31 09:58:07 EST 1992

     We, too, have had this problem of GRASS leaving leftover temporary
files which take up lots of disk space and never go away.

     I'd be willing to bet that you use GRASS the same way that we do - 
from the UNIX prompt outside the GRASS shell.  This is a convenient way for 
us to use GRASS, and only requires that the requisite environment variables 
be set properly.

     One of the last things that the GRASS shell does is execute 
$GISBASE/etc/clean_temp - which will remove all of those pesky temporary files
after checking that the processes associated with them are finished.  If you
will just execute this program as the last act of your script files, I think
that your problems will disappear.

     In fact, all you have to do is enter and exit the GRASS shell as the 
owner of those files, and the shell will execute clean_temp for you and clean
up your disk.

     I'm interested to know how many other users out there in netland are using
GRASS in this way?

Bill Hargrove				Oak Ridge National Laboratory
					Environmental Sciences Division
					Oak Ridge, TN  37831-6038
					hnw at mtqgrass.esd.ornl.gov

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