Michael Shapiro shapiro at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Fri Jan 31 09:33:50 EST 1992

GRASS programs create these .tmp files. Some remove them,  others
don't.   Sometimes  this  is  due to programmer negligence, other
times due to machine crashes, program crashes, etc.  There  is  a
program  in  the GRASS etc/ directory class clean_temp. It is run
at the end  of  each  GRASS  session  and  cleans  up  this  .tmp
directory.  It  only  removes  files that have process-ids in the
name of processes that are no longer running.  If you leave GRASS
and  there  are  programs  running  in the background, temp files
"owned" by these processes are not removed (for obvious reasons).
If  you  use GRASS on a regular basis then eventually these files
will be removed. But if you only run GRASS once in a while, it is
possible  that .tmp files created by background processes will be
left around for a while (ie, until the   processes   finish   and
you  re-enter  and  exit  from  GRASS  using  the  same database,
location, and mapset).

|I have a small problem that one or some Grass programs are littering down
|the file system in the directory $LOCATION/.tmp/hostname/ .
|These files are named processnumber.0 ( eg. 20999.0 ) and are quite
|small.  They between 1 and 100 byte large, but the number of them
|seems to grow rapidly.  I try delete these every week manually but
|today for instance did I have about 13000 files like that after 3 days
|of work with Grass.  Together that was more than 13 mbyte of disk
|space !!  I have some scripts that are using r.mapcalc, r.reclass and
|r.neighbors heavily.  I run run these scripts 10 - 20 hours a day, but I am
|not sure which program that is not cleaning up after itself.  A little
|help would be nice since I haven't had the time to investigate this
|myself yet.  Maybe some out there knows the answers and how to fix it.

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