Lars Schylberg larss at lmv.lm.se
Fri Jan 31 06:15:53 EST 1992

Hello !

I have a small problem that one or some Grass programs are littering down
the file system in the directory $LOCATION/.tmp/hostname/ .

These files are named processnumber.0 ( eg. 20999.0 ) and are quite
small.  They between 1 and 100 byte large, but the number of them
seems to grow rapidly.  I try delete these every week manually but
today for instance did I have about 13000 files like that after 3 days
of work with Grass.  Together that was more than 13 mbyte of disk
space !!  I have some scripts that are using r.mapcalc, r.reclass and
r.neighbors heavily.  I run run these scripts 10 - 20 hours a day, but I am
not sure which program that is not cleaning up after itself.  A little
help would be nice since I haven't had the time to investigate this
myself yet.  Maybe some out there knows the answers and how to fix it.

Lars Schylberg

National Land Survey of Sweden           Dept. of Photogrammetry
R&D Department                           Royal Inst. of Technology
S-80112 Gavle, Sweden                    10044 Stockholm, Sweden

larss at lmv.lm.se                          larss at fmi.kth.se

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