capturing the results of d.where -- a intermitant problem!

Joe Vaughan jkv at
Fri Jun 5 17:29:58 EDT 1992

Hello GRASS People,
I am working with a shell script which puts up an image and invites the user to
select a site.  The d.where command is used and the output is placed in a file.
The problem is that I get an error on the stdin ( the mouse button generated
long lat data ), but only sometimes.  This occurs under both of the following
methods of capture:

 1) d.where > file

 2) cat > file <<eof
    ` d.where `

Is there some option to control how sensitive ( robust ) the stdin I/O is for
the mouse?  d.where doesn't seem to have any pertinent options.  What is the
safest way to trap input from d.where?
As always, you help is very much appreciated!
Joe Vaughan

               Joseph K. Vaughan
               University of Arizona
               Institute of Atmospheric Physics
               PAS Bldg, Rm 470
               Tucson, AZ    85721

I can also be reached by return mail on the internet or as
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