capturing the results of d.where -- a intermitant problem!

Michael Shapiro shapiro at
Thu Jun 11 16:27:46 EDT 1992

Can you replicate the error messages so I can have some idea of what
is going on?
|Hello GRASS People,
|I am working with a shell script which puts up an image and invites the user to
|select a site.  The d.where command is used and the output is placed in a file.
|The problem is that I get an error on the stdin ( the mouse button generated
|long lat data ), but only sometimes.  This occurs under both of the following
|methods of capture:

This should work fine:
| 1) d.where > file

This is an odd way of doing it, but it should work. I never knew this
syntax was the same as the one above - learn something new.
| 2) cat > file <<eof
|    ` d.where `
|    eof
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|I can also be reached by return mail on the internet or as
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