Chaitanya S. Rajguru rajguruc at vttcf.cc.vt.edu
Sun Jun 14 08:29:42 EDT 1992


I have been using r.mfilter for high-pass filtering a surface to
locate surface-significant points. One outcome is that r.mfilter
copies the border (N-1)/2 rows of cells from the old file to the
new file, where N is an odd number giving the size of the filter.
It would be nice if there was a way to extrapolate the new, "shrunk"
map to fill these rows, even if they may be inaccurate. This is to
avoid gross changes at the borders. For example, the filtered values
lie between -30 and +30, whereas the border elevations are
between +600 and +700.

Would it be possible to extend the new file to fit the geographic
region? If anyone has gone through this, could you plese let me

Thanks a lot.


			Chaitanya S. Rajguru

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