GRASS 4.0 on Silicon Graphics

Peter Halls PJH1 at VAXA.YORK.AC.UK
Tue Jun 16 09:39:00 EDT 1992

GRASS version 4.0

I am having some problems with VASK on Silicon Graphics platforms.

Specifically, V_call appears to get into a loop with curses, generating no
output, receiving no input and the process having to be externally killed.
CPU time is accumulated at the rate of a few seconds each minute.

The problem has been first seen when edit_cellhd was invoked from mke_loc,
and appears to be common to IRIX 3 and IRIX 4 on Power Series and Indigo

Attempting to narrow the problem down suggests that, in V_call, everything
down to the getyx call, just after the first refresh, is called and returns
but the getyx does not return - and nothing has been displayed upon the

The problem has been displayed on X-terminals and VT series terminals
connected to the Power Series over LAT & TCP and on the workstation screen
of an Indigo.  We have no 'direct' asynchronous ports.

I could happily believe that we have managed to set something up here that
has interfered with GRASS - but at present cannot imagine what!

Can anyone suggest what we may have done wrong?  (We had minimal trouble
compiling GRASS).

Many thanks, in anticipation,

Peter Halls
Computing Service,
University of York.

PJH1 at

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