Out of Memory Error on Vector File Manipulation

Martin Ameskamp ma at informatik.uni-kiel.dbp.de
Mon Jun 22 02:30:03 EDT 1992

> At UCL London we have GRASS 4.0 installed under AIX on an rs6000
> network.On the Spearfish location, all manipulation on the vector
> files gives an Out of Memory message and return to GRASS prompt.
> Raster file manipulation is unaffected.Thus in d.display the program
> gets as far as 'Initialising' and then falls over when displaying the 
> soils mapset.
> My system manager felt this may be something to do with the way AIX
> handles malloc, but any suggestions would be very welcome.

	Your system manager is probably on the right track: the problem
	keeps coming up (is there an FAQ?). Michael Shapiro 'posted'
	a fix to the memory allocation routines in alloc.c:
	The error occurs when these routines are asked for 0 bytes of
	memory, so if you change that to 1 (or something like that),
	things should work fine.
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