d.mon X Error

Martin Ameskamp ma at informatik.uni-kiel.dbp.de
Mon Jun 22 02:25:23 EDT 1992

> Hello Grass people:
> I have just upgraded my DECstation 5000/200 from ULTRIX4.2 to ULTRIX4.2a and
> in the process I had to tar my grass system and then untar after the upgrade.
> After the upgrade I can't get d.mon to start an X window. I don't think its
> a problem with the ULTRIX upgrade but rather the tar and untar of the grass
> software (permissions or something). I believe this to be the case because none 
> of my other X-window applications are acting differently, and d.mon had 
> permission problems from the start:

The problem lies probably with the named pipes fifo.1a etc., which tar can't 
handle. You can use mknod to re-create them (I had the same problem when
I tried to run Grass from NFS and didn't realize that pipes had to be on the
local disk (silly me))

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