Greg Koerper greg at
Thu Jun 4 07:46:19 EDT 1992

> I would like to know if a linked list list has been implemented in
> any GRASS program to date. If anyone knows of such a program, could
> you please let me know? Otherwise, does anyone anticipate any
> pitfalls in the idea? (in the context of memory allocation and freeing
> by G_malloc(), G_realloc() and free().) In fact, I am thinking of a
> 3-dimentional linked list. 

You will find a fair amount of linked list manipulations in
Be sure to get the latest copy from ftp moon.  free () is an expensive
operation on most platforms; recycling without free () is preferable.  
When I minimized the use of free () in, there was a 15%
improvement in performance.


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