Where to put new executables?

Katarina Johnsson johnsson at ccrs.emr.ca
Tue Mar 10 13:22:39 EST 1992

> I've written two customized programs for import of data to GRASS. 
> Now, I'm trying to put the source code and the executables in their
> right places in the GRASS directory structure.
> The programs are command-line driven only.
> I put the source code under src.contrib/CCRS, compiled it there and put
> the compiled programs in $(BIN_CONTRIB_CMD). Then I got stuck! I don't
> understand the instructions in section 3, GRASS programming changes. How
> do I make the programs available from the $(BIN) directory?
> ln -s $(BIN_CONTRIB_CMD)/program_name $(BIN)/program_name ???
> In that case, what's the purpose of /etc/front.end? How do I include that?
> Thank's in advance!
> Katarina
> Katarina Johnsson, Visiting Scientist, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing

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