Too many cells open (ERROR)

Raghavan Srinivasan srin at
Sun Mar 15 11:06:35 EST 1992

>It is ok to change the region without closing  the  raster  file.
>The   raster   map   will  respond  to  the  new  region  without
>closing/reopening. You just have to reallocate the  i/o  buffers.
>But  see  if  you  can prove that the cell file open/close is the
>culprit. If it is, then we have another bug to fix.

Yes, I think the open/close of raster map is the cause for this problem.
I have two menus, with one as main and other as sub-menu.
Each time when I enter to the sub-menu and perform open a raster map
the file descripter id increased by 3. If I perform any number of operations
in the same sub-menu the file descripter remains the same.
However, If I leave from the sub-menu and re-enter to the sub-menu
the file descripter of a raster map increases by 3. By the way I am closing
the raster map each time as soon as finish reading the data.

One thing to keep in mind, that whenever I enter in to a sub-menu
I am displaying atleast 3 raster maps on the graphics window using the
"Dcell" function provided by the "D_lib". Since, the function "Dcell"
also performs open/close of raster map.

Can any one see through this problem. Any suggestions are appreciated.



srin at

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