Jerry Ballard ballard at mc1.wes.army.mil
Tue Mar 17 08:51:09 EST 1992

  Hi fellow grass programmers!

     I was wondering if anyone has written any GRASS4.0 software to
  do b-spline smoothing on a vector file.  I know that r.poly has an 
  option to smooth the corners, but I need polygons with very smooth
  Thank you.

  Jerry Ballard
  Spatial Data Systems Team
  Waterways Experiment Station
  United States Army Corp Engineers

    I'm really pleased that the OGI has provided this e-mail ability. 
  Communication between GRASS programmers is essential.

    I have some GRASS software that will read DMA Interm Terrain Data (ITD) 
  into GRASS vector format.  It's usable, but still needs polishing up.
  Drop me a line if you are interested.

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