Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Sun Mar 22 05:41:29 EST 1992

> Variogram models:
>      1. spherical
>      2. power
>      3. exponential
>      4. logarithmic
>      5. gaussian
>      6. hole-effect (haven't got this one working yet!)
>      7. nested models (same state as 6.)
8. linear ?

> Outputs 2 raster maps:
>    1. output_z....kriged estimate of any value z
>    2. output_varz....kriged estimate of the variance of value z

block kriging, huh?  Would it be difficult to add punctual Kriging
and output site lists?

> into variograms and determining the appropriate model, but this
> is written in fortran and requires the gf graphics package, so users
> without gf will need to supply their own graphics routines or use a
> commercial package such as SURFER (from Golden Software).

Is this just for plotting points and variograms?  If so, perhaps it
could be modified to use GNUPLOT or something that's available to
most everyone.  At one time, I put together a *crude* hack that
used the GRASS display. This would probably be the way to go
(is anyone listening? how easily could this be done?)

> I would appreciate feedback, advise (humour appreciated!),wishes,
> wants...or any discussion regarding the general problems associated
> with Kringing or geostatistics in general.

I started to do just what you are doing one summer, but gave up.
I'm am really looking forward to seeing what you put together.
If fact, I have several experiments planned that will utilize
your stuff. If I can be of any help, let me know.


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