Kriging/numerical recipes in C

Michael Shapiro shapiro at
Sun Mar 22 13:52:36 EST 1992

|I would appreciate feedback, advise (humour appreciated!),wishes,
|wants...or any discussion regarding the general problems associated
|with Kringing or geostatistics in general.
|Most of my algorithms are from a book by Issaks and Srivastava,
|"An Intro to Applied Geostatistics" and the matrix algebra stuff
|is entirely from Numerical Recipes in C.

  The algorithms from Numerical Recipes in C are free  to  use,
  but  the code itself is copyrighted. It can be used freely in
  research, but it can not be distributed  freely.  You  should
  contact  the  authors  directly regarding this, especially if
  you hope to get the kriging  code  into  the  standard  GRASS
  code. You might consider calling Dave Satnik at CWU regarding
  this issue as  they  used  some  of  that  code  in  work  we
  contracted with them.

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