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Mary Anderson anderson at
Thu Mar 26 10:38:56 EST 1992

good morning all GRASSy people,  i have come across a serious "hole"
is GRASS--i successfully scanned a line plot and was able to bring it
into GRASS using "". so far all is going great, was able to
display the image and all that but when i tried to create a vector file
(this is were life became DIFFICULT). first i tried r.line but it will
not run without r.thin being run first. so like a good GRASS-user i
tried to run r.thin---and guess what??? this program will take a perfectly
good raster file and create a red-lined envelop -- this obviously is not
helpful.  so unfortunately i am stuck at step one in creating a vector
file from a raster file.  if there is anyone out there who would like to
help out a fellow GRASS-er and work on "fixing" r.thin and check r.line 
and see if that has any bugs, you would have my appreciation and i'm
sure many others.


Mary Anderson
1-800-USA-CERL x462

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