Greg Koerper koerper at research.CS.ORST.EDU
Thu Mar 26 19:58:29 EST 1992

The problem is the vast number of potential mapset linkages we use:


Your mapset search list:
cbudget <10>, USFBD <7>, corn <11>, us.political <24>

Available mapsets:
 1 2xpet.gfdl       2 2xpet.giss       3 ELEV.5M          4 KUCHLER        
 5 PERMANENT        6 SAF              7 USFBD            8 campbell       
 9 canada.veg      10 cbudget         11 corn            12 data2x.gfdl    
13 data2x.giss     14 gcm             15 jayne.temp      16 neilson        
17 pet.adj         18 rubbd           19 season          20 soil           
21 spam            22 spear4          23 turner.avhrr    24 us.political   

Hit RETURN to keep current list, or enter a new list of mapsets
(enter the numbers before the mapset name, or the names themselves)
    (to ADD to end of list, use + . . .)
    (to DELETE from list, use - . . .)

new list> + 18

Mapset search list set to
 cbudget USFBD corn us.political rubbd 

Mapset <cbudget> in Location <grass>
GRASS 4.0 > 

I'd rather give our users a "kinder,gentler" g.mapsets than have them
break out the vi editor--many are CASUAL UNIX users who would be more
comfortable using WordPerfect.  But even for myself, I cannot anticipate
the variety of linkages I may wish to have, and the research 
environment is fairly dynamic.

Your solution is interesting, though, and I certainly didn't think of it
prior to hacking the code.


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