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Doug Brooks brooks at
Fri Mar 27 09:05:02 EST 1992

                            GRASS DIRECTORY

This GRASS Directory is a partial list of GRASS people and their
email addresses.  It is provided as a service for you to quickly
look up email addresses of individuals who are in the "GRASS community".

This directory is mailed to this list on a monthly basis.  If you
wish to be added, deleted or have your information changed, please send
your request to:  brooks at or by phone at
(217) 373-6752.

Doug Brooks

NAME                                   EMAIL ADDRESS

Brooks, Doug                           brooks at 
U.S. Army CERL

Buehler, Kurt                          kurt at
U.S. Army CERL

Chohfi, Reinaldo E.                    IYT6REN at MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU
Univ. of California, Los Angeles

Copas, Conn                            C.V.Copas at
Loughborough University of Technology

Escowitz, Ed                           ece at 
U.S. Geological Survey

Evenden, Jerry                         gie at 
U.S. Geological Survey

Farley, Jim                            jim at
Univ. of Arkansas

Paul H. Fukuhara                       a16pfukuhara at
USDA Soil Conservation Service

Gardels, Kenn                          gardels at 
Univ. of California at Berkeley

Gerdes, Dave                           dpgerdes at 
U.S. Army CERL

Goran, Bill                            goran at 
U.S. Army CERL

Gottheil, Jerry                        gottheil.SCB3Versatec at Xerox.COM 
Xerox Engineering Systems 

Harmon, Victoria                       ahvch%alaska.bitnet 
National Park Service

Hinthorne, Jim                         geol1 at cwu.bitnet
Central Washington Univ.

Limp, Fred                             fred at
Univ. of Arkansas

McClanahan, Pat                        afpbm at alaska.bitnet 
National Park Service

McPherron, Alan                        mcph at
Univ. of Pittsburgh

Madry, Scott                           madry at 
Rutgers Univ.

Majerus, Kim                           majerus at, 
Univ. of Illinois

Martin, Mary                           martin at
U.S. Army CERL

Messersmith, Jean                      obrien at
Purdue Univ.
Parks, John                            john at
Univ. of Arkansas

Plesha, Joe                            jplesha at 
U.S. Geological Survey

Schmidt, Barb                          mbschmid at 

Schylberg, Lars                        larss at
National Land Survey of Sweden

Shapiro, Michael                       shapiro at 
U.S. Army CERL

Sydelko, Pam                           sydelko at 
Argonne Lab

Tweddale, Scott                        tweddale at 
Univ. of Illinois

Westervelt, Jim                        westerve at
U.S. Army CERL

Wood, Jo                               JWO at UK.AC.LEICESTER
Univ. of Leicester, UK

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