import of data from Global Ecosystems Database-- vector files!

Michael Shapiro shapiro at
Fri Mar 27 15:18:14 EST 1992

|I am working with the Global Ecosystems Database and have moved some of
|the raster data into GRASS files.  However, I do not yet see how to
|convert the  'Micro World Data Bank II' vector files into GRASS vector
|files.   My main problem is that I don't see where to 'tell' GRASS that 
|this vector data will be in lat/lon minutes.  Has anyone gone this route?
|Reply or contact me directly, please.
|               Joseph K. Vaughan
|               University of Arizona
|               Institute of Atmospheric Physics
|               PAS Bldg, Rm 470
|               Tucson, AZ    85721
|I can also be reached by return mail on the internet or as
|jkv at and by phone at 602/621-9663.

GRASS accepts the following format for lat/lon coordinates:


where ddd is the degress, mm is minutes and ss is seconds. H is
the hemisphere (N, S, E, W). For example to specify the latitude
at 5 minutes 15 seconds north of the equator:



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