Anyone ported Grass to A/UX or SGI Crimson?

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Tue Nov 17 09:12:17 EST 1992

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> Subject:  Anyone ported Grass to A/UX or SGI Crimson?
> What are the currently supported platforms for GRASS?  I was browsing on 
> the moon and couldn't find that information.  Where would I look for it?
> Has anyone ported GRASS to A/UX?  Was it painful?  Is it available, as a 
> set of patches, or a commercial product?
> Has anyone ported GRASS to Silicon Graphics Crimson?  Again, painful?  
> Available?
> We ported GRASS to the IBM RS/6000.  It was semi-painful, there were bugs in
> the X-driver some nice folks in Europe shared patches with us for, and some
> more in m.dem.extract and some of its friends.                              
> Email me, and I'll summarize.  Thanks,
>                                         Jim Hurst
>                                         jhurst at

We have GRASS running under IRIX 4.0.1 here at CERL.  An official port
of GRASS to the SGI's has never been done, but it compiles just fine
if you specify  -cckr as one of the compile flags.  There are some
bugs that manifest on the SGI's, but in general it works well.  There
is also an IRIS driver which gives a color table of around 3800 entries.


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