PC-based GRASS?

Tim Martin; FSO; Soil Sciences martin at cs.ualberta.ca
Wed Nov 25 19:02:39 EST 1992

> Is there anybody out in the world is working or will work on a PC-based GRASS 
> version? If we do have the PC version, what is the requirement of the CPU, disk 
> space, memory, video card, etc?
One option I hope to pursue in the near future is to compile GRASS for 
the free Linux operating system.  Linux is a completely freeware UNIX
for Intel PCs.  To run GRASS, you would need a minimum of 200Mb disk,
plus space for data, 8Mb memory or more I suspect.  Pretty much any 
Super VGA card. Linux will run on a 386, but you would certainly want
a math coprocessor, for GRASS, though it isn't essential.

The real stickler is to get GRASS to compile on Linux.  I have heard
of one person succeeding, more or less.  And of course Linux is not
DOS, but UNIX.


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