PC-based GRASS?

Martin Ameskamp ma at informatik.uni-kiel.dbp.de
Thu Nov 26 06:32:24 EST 1992

> Is there anybody out in the world is working or will work on a PC-based GRASS 
> version? If we do have the PC version, what is the requirement of the CPU, disk 
> space, memory, video card, etc?
> Please email me if you know the issue or direct me to any possible party.
> Thank you.
> Tao Wen
> USA Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

This has been discussed in c.i.g and grass(u/p) before:
There is no 'PC-GRASS', vanilla GRASS works fine
(e.g. under SCO).
Disk space requirements are the same as with other machines
(sth like 80MB w/o data), 386/33 is quite usable, 8MB
works fine (X doesn't make sense under 8MB anyway),
video 1024x800 is acceptable if you have a serial terminal
for text i/o(or a window interface. 
Basically any config. that runs your UNIX/X11 will be
alright for GRASS (given sufficient disk space.


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