Jinn-Guey Lay jglay at ccms.ntu.edu.tw
Wed Oct 7 16:00:17 EDT 1992

>using a HP Scanjet IIc.  The drainage is depicted by dashed lines.  This 
>form of data is causing a problem for r.line.  It seems to want continuous
>lines.  The output of r.line has all the lines we want plus a lot of others
>joining them together.  It looks a lot like a plotter output without the pen
>being raised at all. We do wish to join the lines to make them continuous 

I had the same problem several months ago. This problem
was caused by a missing function call which is supposed
to clean the x,y values of previous lines. I've
debugged the problem and reported it to the net.
I think the source code should has been updated
accordingly by GRASS people.

I wonder when did you download the source code. If
it is a new downloading, then maybe the GRASS source
code hasn't been updated. I can post the bug to the net 
again if necessary.

Jinn-Guey Lay
Dept. of Geography
National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan
jglay at ccms.ntu.edu.tw

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