Garth Tier Garth.Tier at its.csiro.au
Wed Oct 7 13:18:29 EDT 1992

We are trying to use r.line to vectorize a map of drainage which was scanned
using a HP Scanjet IIc.  The drainage is depicted by dashed lines.  This 
form of data is causing a problem for r.line.  It seems to want continuous
lines.  The output of r.line has all the lines we want plus a lot of others
joining them together.  It looks a lot like a plotter output without the pen
being raised at all. We do wish to join the lines to make them continuous 
but not in the way r.line has done it.

We are running Grass on a PC486 under Interactive Unix system V release 3.
Has anyone come across a similar problem with r.line?  I have tried to get
onto the moon but it gives a socket in use error.

Any help would be appreciated thank you.
Garth Tier, Centre for Arid Zone Research, 
CSIRO Division of Wildlife & Ecology,
PO Box 2111 or Heath Road
Alice Springs, NT, 0871, Australia.
Tel (089) 524255; Fax (089) 529587
Email tie013 at its.csiro.au 

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