need printcap for HP plotter clone

Hal Mueller hmueller at
Thu Oct 8 14:42:14 EDT 1992

We're running a Sparc 2, SunOS 4.1.3, Grass, and MAPGEN (the version
from CERL).  We've acquired an Epson HI-80 plotter, with an
HP7470/HP7475a emulator card.  I've used MAPGEN and "plotter" to
generate output files, but I can't transfer them to the plotter either
by a direct "cat > /dev/ttyb" or with lpr.  Since I've successfully
produced files and plotted them with a PC (via sneakernet), I suspect I
have the plotter installed incorrectly.

If anyone has a printcap for any kind of HP plotter, would you please
send it to me?  

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