Jinn-Guey Lay jglay at ccms.ntu.edu.tw
Thu Oct 8 17:11:37 EDT 1992

I found out the bug of 'r.line' has not been fixed in the 
current release. This bug can be removed as following.

1. change directory to:

2. edit the io.c file by:
	a) move to the function of write_ln (begin,end,n);
	b) add the following line after the variables declaration:
	 	Vect_reset_line (Points);

	  make sure this command is in front of the first appearance
	  of Vect_append_point (Points, x, y);

3. change direcotry to r.line:
	cd ..
4) run 'gmake4.0' to recomplie 'r.line'.

Jinn-Guay Lay
Dept. of Geography
National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan
jglay at ccms.ntu.edu.tw

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