removing frames

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Thu Oct 8 22:47:28 EDT 1992

I just checked out how d.frame works with the -e option (uses
some clear screen functions).  A programmer here may want
to modify d.frame so that you can selectively delete
frames or use duplicate names (terminating the first
frame of that name). Any suggestions (like page numbers of the
fine manual to read)?

He needs to create unique frames with "matrix visualization"
software that he's writing. An alternative is:

G_system to do the following:
     set list=(`d.frame -D | grep FRAME | awk '{print $2}'`) 
     foreach file ($list) 
       echo -n "" > /tmp/uniqueprefix$file 
     sprinft(comm, "dframe -c frame=%s at=%d,%d,%d,%d\n", ptr2frame_name ...
Well, this alternative may work, but he was hoping for
something simpler.

Send suggestions to zhuang at


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